Cancellation Policy

1. ABNW Products and Services Pvt Ltd (“ABNW”) reserves the right to change the date and venue of the Retreat at any time. Guests will be notified promptly regarding any changes.

2. Payments made for the Retreat are non-refundable, except in the event of Retreat cancellation by ABNW. In such cases, guests will be allowed to claim the paid amount for the cancelled Retreat when making payment for the next immediate Retreat. In case the guest is not willing to participate in the next Retreat and the booked Retreat is cancelled by the organizer, a maximum of 80% of the amount paid will be refunded, subject to all other terms and conditions.

3. The fees for each Retreat may vary based on the location and services offered. Please refer to the specific Retreat details for the applicable fees.

4. Guests may request to reschedule their participation in a Retreat, provided the request is made at least 45 days prior to the original Retreat date, after this date (45 days before the date of commencement of Retreat), any reschedule requests will not be considered for a refund or reschedule.

6. In the event that a guest has booked a Retreat but fails to show up without prior notification to ABNW, it will be considered a “No Show” case. In such cases, the payment made for the Retreat will be forfeited, and no refunds or rescheduling will be granted.

Please carefully review and understand the cancellation policy before making a booking for the Retreat. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact ABNW Products and Services Pvt Ltd directly.