Terms and Condition

Welcome to AayushRetreat! These Terms of Use govern your use of the AayushRetreat website and the services provided by ABNW Products and Services Pvt Ltd (“ABNW,” “we,” or “us”). By accessing or using the AayushRetreat website, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. Please read them carefully.

1. AayushRetreat Services:

AayushRetreat offers a range of services including stay, yoga therapy, ayurvedic panchakarma therapy, ayurvedic ahar, guided meditation, and master classes for better living and eating habits. ABNW organizes events and partners with experts in the respective fields to provide therapies, medications, and food. Guests participating in the Retreat are required to share their medical records for the last 3 years and have a comprehensive discussion with the AYUSH practitioner before the retreat. Guests must also disclose any food allergies prior to the retreat. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to exercise mindfulness when engaging in activities or consuming any food or edible items provided during the Retreat, as these items are prepared for general consumption and may not account for specific allergies or reactions.

2. Accommodations:

Guests will be provided with a quad-sharing room that includes pre-defined facilities. If any issues arise regarding the accommodations, guests should promptly notify the appropriate coordinator on-site. Offering the upgraded accommodations is purely subject to availability.

3. Belongings and Safety:

Guests are responsible for bringing only necessary belongings and must take care of their belongings throughout the duration of the Retreat. ABNW will not be held responsible for any accidents or incidents that occur during the retreat. While ABNW ensures security measures, we are not liable for any kind of theft or loss.

4. Limitation of Liability:

ABNW will not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage suffered by guests due to their participation in any activity related to the Retreat or ABNW’s offerings. Guests participate in the Retreat and avail themselves of our services at their own risk.

5. Vendor Services and Products:

During the Retreat, vendors may be present offering additional services or products. Guests are under no obligation to purchase these services or products unless they choose to do so voluntarily. ABNW does not endorse or compel guests to make any additional purchases beyond what is covered in the designated package.

6. Package Upgrades:

Guests have the option to upgrade their package, subject to availability. ABNW will provide the upgraded services, including the room, based on availability at the time of the request.

7. Changes to Date and Venue:

ABNW reserves the right to change the date and venue of the Retreat at any time. We will notify registered guests of any changes as soon as possible and provide alternative options if necessary.

8. Cancellation

Cancellation and refunds are subject to terms and conditions and cancellation policy of AayushRetreat. By accessing or using the AayushRetreat website and participating in our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with any part of these terms, please refrain from using the AayushRetreat website or participating in our services.

For any questions or concerns regarding these Terms of Use, please contact us at info@aayushretreat.com